{Guan Abasse}
Human race!!!

{P.P.S. – Verse 1}
Diw gaagne na diw, diw raye na diw
Diw kagne na diw, kaagne la jiiw, raaye na diw
Yeek na ba ci kaw, daanu xol yi yeureum
Xol yi keureum, xolli ngueureum, hun eskeuy deureum
Mom, mo fi done ndamo koparam
Jaay ngoram, ngeumeum di Or, mou sopi ko peureum
Japp né mo sakk, japp né mo ame
Ndamaar, keur gui sak, jaxx né mo xam
Bou diw di jeem, diw di seral, Guiss yone yi joni joni kéral
Diw Tony tonni Tooni téral, jeegui jommi job rongogne mou féral
Diw judu jooy, judu lep soti, diw beew koome jikome la sopi
Diw di rée délu déku sox yi, diw di gueum jafandu ci ba toki
Diw xam na Yallah, diw gueum na Yallah,
Diw joxé lep, niep, fep dialeu
Diw degg guem, diw guiss na weeddi,
Deuk ci palais diw di xuus ci naweete yi
Su diw di tuur, diw di fori,
Gueum né dina baax beuss bok ci forts yi
Diw moy keulé, diw moy mane, Diw moy teulé, diw moy meune

{Refrain (2fois)}
Wondering If I can find a way
Turn this scary night into day
Human race ! Human race !

{P.P.S. – Verse 2}
Bu diw di def, diw di roy
Diw di rée, diw di joy
Diw di jitu, diw di sissu, naagu daagu diw di soy
Diw né mane la, diw né moom la
Diw doggu né nguem la, diw né koome la
Diw jikome, diw né jome la, diw baax ci alleu, diw ci home la

{Guan Abasse}

Wondering If I can find a way
Turn this scary night into day
Human race! Human race!
(Repeat Kokayi)

We talking about struggles peace life pain
The wickedness militants dissidents reign
The imminent decision is murder by plane
Drone strikes strife slice the silence
Of the night drives me out of my mind
Tsunamis new swamis new armies
Who’s arming? who’s shooting? who’s by me?
Who’s with me? where’s that justice? she’s weak
While a murderer roams free from the judge release
The budget of truth took a solid decrease
Ya fiscals ain’t fitting the fluzbe’s a floozie
Traded for an AK quadrant 7 at a loosie
Cigarette watch the pull you got to breath
The Molotov cocktail screaming out the gospel
My God why’s it got to be so hard?


{P.P.S. – Outro}
Someone born, someone die Someone fall, someone fly
You can trust but sometime you lie
If life’s a game, someone lose, someone try

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