Verse 1 ( Fla The Ripper)

We pay the price to be the best
Time is now to Sign them checks
when everybody chasing fame few chase respect
i come with my homie and we banging on them decks
Wanna know here i’m from west africa i rep
Speak English but never been in U.S
it’s our turn all you local rappers better take a rest
mic test, beat bless ,flow correct,
rhyme perfect,intellect burning in your flesh
No sin ,no prophet,Light to your darkness
the devul loves lyers but God loves honest
Peace to Mohamed/Fla & N.o.y.z dk finest
Authors of the Smash hit,Classic artists
/feed this rap addicts with this crack music ,Cop this
The movement is coming and no one can stop this
Banging on this new shit ’til people know what’s happen

We bringing live this smash hit
Flow ,rhymes and skills you know we got it
Smooth ,beautiful,Hot you the beat
Let the street know who the best and “illmatic” (2X )

Verse 2 ( Noyz )

Yo we showing and proving , keep the temperature rising
come surprising
Noyz & Fla The Ripper be the guyz in
my size triple XL straight ghetto shit
Take it to the higher next “L” you ain’t heard this shit
Similar to bomb rush crashing we smashing
Coming to your spot gun cock and blasting
Got a bird eye view we scan the field
In a minute i be in it tell your men to chill
Africans got the flow i thought i told you
Got the shit locked , hit back nothing i owe you
My shit goes beyond a thousand fahrenheit
Booths get blown transmitting to a satellite
For the love africa we settle the fight
Dk mcs be the head of the track
Learn the art of war check how we repping it tight
Smash hit ya n***** stay proper and bright aiiight!!!


( Fla The Ripper) Got ladies catching feelings when they hear this vocals ,Sensual
black is beautiful we’re so lyrical

( Noyz )Plus spiritual cock C4 rhymes chemical
blowing up the spot none stop ya don’t hear me fool

( Fla The Ripper)Now we’re official so special
on the next level repping for our people you know cygle

( Noyz )like desert eagle ya know how we do cock and wet ,turn dead wike people

( Fla The Ripper)Make miracle everytime we keep it through ,burn the evil take away the youth
Feed the truth ,Fellows know the scoop

( Noyz ) Blow the booth i’m cool cat looking smooth Noyz ammunition burn n***** bulletproof

( Fla The Ripper)Let the haters keep hating while we keep on cruzing
when we bouncing on the beat give them what they seeking

( Noyz )Yo we kicking dope ass bars keep you sinking deep in the water
Headquater Noyz speaking!



It’s the West African Rap Phenomenon N.O.Y.Z The Undercover ahan!!! Fla The Ripper Babyyyy C’mon!

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